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Wedding Gift Guide

by Piper Norris | May 18, 2016 | 0 Comments

This is not a drill… WEDDING SEASON IS HERE! With that comes the wedding gift struggle:  no one wants to give the run-of-the-mill gift that everyone else gives, but you also don't want to give something too obscure that the couple would never use.

We have some gift ideas that are unique and that the couple is guaranteed to love and use over and over again!

First up: The Pineapple Bowl

Why they’ll love it:

The wooden material is warm and homey feeling while also being versatile. It's casual enough to use every day, but also gorgeous enough to use for entertaining. Pineapples signify hospitality which makes it the perfect addition to any dinner party.

Why they’ll use it:

The bowl is made one solid piece of Acacia wood, which makes it extremely sturdy and durable and food safe. All of the wood is eco friendly and legally sourced.

Next up: Montes Doggett Pitcher

Why they’ll love it:

The design is unlike any other, but pairs well with almost any dining collection. Its white color gives it a clean, crisp look. Every one of Motes Doggett’s pieces is hand made by the artist and each is a unique piece of artwork.

Why they’ll use it:

It’s made from a high fired ceramic which makes it strong. It is dishwasher, microwave and oven safe, which makes for easy recipe preparation and cleaning.

Finally: Newcomb Bowl

Why they’ll love it:

Its has a clean, modern design that would look great on any dinner table. Its matte glaze gives this a smooth waxy finish that makes it pop. Its large size makes it great for serving pastas, salads, and more!  

Why they’ll use it:

It’s dishwasher and microwave safe for easy meal prep and cleaning. Its handmade out of strong ceramic so it will last for years and years.

Happy gifting!


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