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Meet the Maker: Nicholas Newcomb

by Marion Blount | March 24, 2017 | 0 Comments

We are kicking off a new series on the blog, the Maker Series. At the shop we have carefully selected brands that blend quality and style and it is time we tell you more about the amazing makers behind these brands. We are kicking it off with a feature on Nicholas Newcomb.


All of Nicholas' ceramic pieces are handmade in Brooklyn, NY.  Each piece is unique and highlights the natural idiosyncrasies of handmade ceramics. His Hudson Valley collection is inspired by simple pleasures - easy summer mornings and chilly autumn afternoons. 



You have probably seen his plates online or at the shop. He creates simple tableware and home accessories with an emphasis on craft and hand-made. Nicholas uses bold colors to accent his simple off-white plates. Each plate has a simple, thin colorful edge or a hand painted colorful pattern centered on the plate. It is really fun to mix and match the simple with the bold!


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