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The Cookbook Round Up

by Marion Blount | November 15, 2017 | 0 Comments

With holiday season in full swing, your cookbooks are probably getting more use then ever. I like to pull out my favorite cookbooks and thumb through them to find the perfect dish to serve. In order to qualify as one of my "go-to cookbooks", it needs to meet a certain criteria. The cookbooks must either focus on healthy eating, easy recipes or a combination of both. Here is my roundup of "go-to cookbooks" that meets my criteria.

1. One Part Plant - Jessica's mission is to encourage everyone to eat one plant based meal everyday. Her cookbook is chock full of healthy, easy and delicious meals. 

2. The Dude Diet - This cookbook is home to some of my go-to recipes. We make the pancakes, basic chicken recipe and beergaritas on the reg. 

3. Skinnytaste - This is the cookbook that really got me cooking. Each recipe is approachable. She also has a lot of recipes that can be made ahead of time in a slow-cooker or crockpot. 

4. Inspiralized - This is the definitive cookbook for using a spiralizer; the kitchen gadget that spiralizes vegetables.

5. Make it Ahead - Last, but certainly not least is my girl Ina. Ina's recipes are crowd pleasers and this particular cookbook is perfect for entertaining. You can prep most of the meal and focus on things like decor and cocktails. 


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