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PrepaRED for the WHITE AND BLUE tabletop?

by Piper Norris | June 20, 2016 | 0 Comments

Can you guess what our tabletop inspiration is this week?

As you already know, 4th of July is right around the corner! And that gets us excited for 4th of July entertaining, and of course another tabletop arrangement.

PS. This week we’re coming at you with two tabletop creations: DOUBLE TROUBLE. 

Let’s check out the first look:

For both of these 4th of July tabletops, we just stuck with blue and white for our pops of color. This enamelware gives off a firework vibe as well, how festive!

The best thing about this setting is that all of the plates are durable, so it could even be used at a party with children without worrying about breakage.

Plates, Charger, Flatware, Napkin, Napkin Ring, Juice Glass, Wine Glass


And now the second one:

This one is great because its not overly festive, and the neutral table setting really makes the blue glasses pop.

The different textures and patterns make it look sophisticated and elegant. All the pieces are versatile and could be used for entertaining everyday and for any occasion.

Plates, Charger, Placemat, Flatware, Napkin, Napkin Ring, Blue Glass, Wine Glass


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