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Summer Luncheon

by Marion Blount | July 17, 2017 | 0 Comments

I wanted to finally share the photos from our summer luncheon that I held at 86 Cannon with Emily from Noteworthy Mag. It was a warm day, which made it the perfect occasion to gather with a few friends, sip cocktails and enjoy fresh salads from Caviar & Bananas

My friend Wimberly from Wimberly Fair did an amazing job with the flowers, they were the perfect punch to our monotone palate. 


My friend Hart poured the peach sangria for everyone! If you haven't become an avid reader of Emily's blog, then you must start now. It's the perfect fusion of fashion and lifestyle and so well curated. 

The light filled room of 86 Cannon and neutral terrafirma dishware were the perfect backdrop for this summer luncheon. You can shop the entire look here. 

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