Terrafirma Buying Guide

Welcome! I have been using Terrafirma in my home for years and I hope you will enjoy adding it to your home. Each piece serves as a beautiful artistic object that is practical and durable enough for everyday use. Terrafirma can be used as your everyday dinnerware or in place of fine china. 

This buying guide was created to help you create the perfect Terrafirma collection. Terrafirma has a lot of options - each piece is available in several colors and patterns. I think it is helpful to start by picking a color that you like and then select specific patterns in that colorway. My suggestion is sticking to one color way for dinnerware and mixing in a variety of color and patterns for your serving pieces. 

Terrafirma Dinnerware Price List

Dessert Plate 7.5” Diam - $38
Soup Bowl 6.5” Diam, 2” Deep - $45

Salad Plate 10” Diam - $50
Dinner Plate 12” - $56
Charger 13.5” Diam - $90

Each Terrafirma piece is made entirely by hand in their studio in New York. 

Slight variations in color, texture, and surface are the natural and desired result of the hand building and high firing process.

All Terrafirma is food safe and completely dishwasher safe (amazing!). When using your Terrafirma in the oven, start with a room temperature oven. The microwave may be used for warming - no more then two minutes.

All dinnerware orders are final sale. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Ready to order? Email us: info@opendoorshop.com We will work with you to create a custom serving piece or pick out patterns for dinnerware. 

Still not sure where to start? Take our fun quiz to find out what pattern best fits your entertaining style.