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Summer Neutrals in the Tabletop

by Piper Norris | June 07, 2016 | 0 Comments

Our goal for this Tabletop Tuesday was to come up with something that would be perfect for any summer gathering. The best way to achieve that was to go with a neutral pallet.

But with a neutral pallet, we didn’t want the lack of color to make the layout boring. The textures in the pieces we chose create a beautiful, interesting layout without needing color!

The combination of the glossy white plates, the woven charger and napkin ring, the delicate napkin and the sturdy wooden flatware, create a unique and striking tabletop arrangement.

The best thing about doing a neutral palette is that by switching out one of the pieces with a colored one to go with your theme!

 Place MatChargerPlates, FlatwareNapkinNapkin Ring



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